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EAT 10

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What's black and white and read all over? EAT 10!

Ten years later and the tenth issue of EAT is here in a glorious newspaper format with a bevy of contributions from all over the place!

Articles: The Black and White Cookie, Portland Diners (for spending time in at the end of a relationship), Food Waste (and how to avoid it), the first ever EAT crossword and more!

Comics: Rice Rolls, Reading grease stains, and Indulgences.

Contributors: Sara Graham, Meha Desai, Helen Carter, Andrew Salomone, Cody Filardi, Chenoa Bol, Julie Perini, Sam Nakahira, and Karen Stocks.

Recipes: Tres Leches Cake, Bread Upma, Thai Basil Lemon Drop Cocktail

8 pages, 11 x 17 inches, b/w, newsprint web printed